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Privacy Policy



to the processing of personal data


I give my consent to CJSC Kinergo (Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Kazinets str., 121A/2, room 1) to process the following personal data of mine: identification number, full name, gender, date of birth, citizenship, registration data at the place of residence and stay.

Processing purposes: making transactions, delivery of the ordered goods, maintaining a customer base.

For these purposes, I consent to the following actions with my personal data: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction.

The processing of my personal data can be carried out both in an automated and non-automated way.

Consent to the processing of personal data is valid from the date of its provision until the purposes of personal data processing are achieved.

The rights related to the processing of my personal data, the mechanism for exercising such rights, as well as the consequences of my consent or refusal to give such consent have been explained to me.

In particular, I am aware that I have the right to:

— withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time by submitting a written application;

— receive information regarding the processing of my personal data;

— require changes to my personal data if the personal data is outdated or inaccurate;

— receive information about the provision of my personal data to third parties once a calendar year for free, unless otherwise provided by law;

— to demand the termination of the processing of my personal data free of charge, including their deletion, in the absence of grounds for processing personal data provided for by law;

— appeal the actions/omissions and decisions of the personal data operator that violate my rights when processing my personal data to the authorized body for the protection of the rights of personal data subjects in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation on appeals of citizens and legal entities.